Upload. Scan. Done.

Send screenshots (and other images) to your phone or tablet instantly.

ImageShare is a web-based image sharing tool, created by Corbin Davenport. It's primarily designed for game consoles like the Nintendo 3DS, but it should also work on anything with a web browser.

  1. Press the L + R buttons on the home screen of the 3DS. This will open the camera.
  2. Tap the QR code icon in the bottom-left corner of the touch screen.
  3. Scan the QR code, and open the URL in the web browser when asked.
  4. Tap the star button in the browser to bookmark the page.

Once installation is complete, just open the browser on your 3DS, tap the star button, and select ImageShare.

  1. Open the Internet Browser on your Wii U.
  2. Go to https://imgsharetool.herokuapp.com in the browser.
  3. Bookmark the page.

Once installation is complete, just open the browser on your Wii U, and select ImageShare from your bookmarks.

Go to https://imgsharetool.herokuapp.com on your device's web browser, and bookmark it for easy access later.
How it works

ImageShare uploads photos to Imgbb.com and presents the URL as a QR code. This allows the image to be easily transfered to any device with the ability to scan QR codes. The camera apps on most iOS and Android devices can read QR codes, so you might not even need to install a separate app.

Images uploaded using ImageShare are subject to Imgbb’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and are deleted automatically after five minutes.