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ImageShare is a lightweight web app for uploading images. It was originally designed as a replacement for the Nintendo 3DS Image Share Service, accessible through the Nintendo 3DS/2DS Browser, but it also works on many other basic/legacy web browsers. When you select an image with ImageShare, it is uploaded to Imgur and presented as a QR code to scan with another device.


How to use

Just open in your browser to access ImageShare. If your device can scan QR codes with a camera (press L + R buttons on 3DS home screen), scan the below code to open ImageShare.

Once you have ImageShare open, bookmark it (tap the star button on the 3DS) for easy access later. If your device supports the SSL certificate, you can use ImageShare over HTTPS instead of HTTP for added security.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

ImageShare uses Plausible Analytics to report anonymous usage data, including how many times the app is used and the browser/device used. Uploaded images are not stored on ImageShare servers, only on Imgur. The QR code is generated using the Google Charts API, which requires sending the URL to a Google server after upload.

Images uploaded using ImageShare are subject to Imgur’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Game title detection for Nintendo 3DS images uses a database published by The ImageShare icon and logo is based on Cloud arrow up fill from Boostrap Icons.